EMV: What You Needed to Know Yesterday

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Business Strategy: It's a Marathon, Not A Sprint.

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How Beacon Helped These Real-Life Businesses Thrive

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Community: Beacon Gives Back To Project Inform

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A Closer Look at EMV

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We power the businesses that help us live longer, healthier, happier lives.

Practices & Clinics

Medical, dental, mental health and veterinary practices, weightloss clinics and alternative medicine centers trust Beacon to keep business running. Read More »

Health & Wellness Retailers

Whether customers access your store through a computer, a mobile device, or an actual door, we will create a great shopping experience. Read More »

Fitness & Exercise Centers

From gyms and golf courses to yoga and rock climbing studios, where people are getting fit, Beacon is getting down to business. Read More »

Senior Care

Our solutions support senior care centers, assisted living facilities, retirement communities and nursing home facilities. So they can support their patients. Read More »

Coaches & Counselors

Helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives is your specialty. Helping you run a stronger and healthier business is ours. Read More »

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Make your life easier with fully integrated solutions that work with what you have now and what comes next.



Tap the industry’s most powerful tools to enhance and improve critical business operations.



Get the most bang for your buck with customized solutions built around your needs and budget.

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